Notre Dame is a major contributor to the economic vitality of the city of South Bend, St. Joseph County, and the state of Indiana. As a national - and, increasingly global - institution, Notre Dame also has a growing impact on the world beyond South Bend. This website is dedicated to the University’s contribution to the ongoing development of the local economy and also how a growing partnership with this community benefits the University as well.

Growth in jobs, spending, and other economic indicators show a vibrant university, and a willing and supportive surrounding community.

$1.357 billion

annual economic impact in St. Joseph County

  • The University directly and indirectly accounts for about 14,601 jobs in St. Joseph County, and is the largest employer.

  • Visitors and students’ off-campus spending directly and indirectly accounted for $331.4 million in economic output supporting 4,271 jobs.

  • Research spending at Notre Dame grew to $191 million in 2015. Between fiscal year 2011 and 2015, research has grown 42.1%.

  • Notre Dame spent more than $155.2 million in fiscal year 2015 with 1k jobs, accounting for 166 full-time employees in St. Joe County and an additional 460 full-time jobs elsewhere in Indiana.